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A Bit of Our Story ... Since 1974

first generation

It was in 1973 when they packed up and moved from Oshawa to Trent River Ontario, just south of Havelock, to take over the operations of the local General Store. Don and Joyce Acton were avid recreators at the time, with their family, but the store encroached on their leisure time. They ultimately set their Woods soft-top tent trailer in their back yard for sale. However, someone rented it for a short period, instead.

After a couple of other rental opportunities, they finally sold the unit, but they continued to get requests for rentals. Don went out and purchased two Lionel tent trailers in 1974, and that ultimately led to the launch of Dee Jay Trailers Sales and Rentals.

In 1975, they secured their first RV franchise line, with Bonair, and continued to sell that product for the next 25 years. Gary Acton, son of Don and Joyce, chuckles while remembering those days. “Dad would be working away in the store when suddenly he’d have wipe his hands off on his butcher apron, clean up, and go outside to show a trailer. He always came back in with a smile on his face”

Gary remembers being confused at a young age as to how someone could come into the store and complain about the price of bacon or butter, but then inquire about the tent trailer and think that it was a really good deal. “Dad explained to me the difference between what someone “wants” and what someone “needs”. People will complain about the price of something that they need, but not near as much about something they want. Dad stated to me; ‘There is a big difference you’ll soon understand.’”

Acton also explained how he learned how important it was to do something with your life that you enjoy. “I watched my parents put their hearts and soul into a passion they loved,” he stated. He remembered what his father asked him one day. “Would you like to sell trailers on day?” he questioned. “It’s important to do something in your life you enjoy, and then everything else will fall into place.” Acton reflected back on when he and his father used to hook up a trailer and tow it to a local park for the weekend for viewings. He enjoyed watching people getting so excited about the recreational fun they could be experiencing. “I’ve been able to carry that excitement forward ‘til this day,” he commented. “We especially enjoy every person that enters our dealership.”

In 1984 the Actons moved to their present location on Hwy #7, just west of Havelock. “My parents still enjoy the RV lifestyle,” he states. “But now on a personal level, and with the same passion they had when they established Dee Jay Trailers, and that passion lives on today.”

Acton explains that their philosophy is simple. “We treat people the way you would want to be treated.” The dealership has grown to be one of the most knowledgeable and informative in the business and simply offers their customers the best price, best service possible and the best products available. We offer the most recognized product names within RV-ing families. Dee Jay Trailers is one of a few dealers that can offer you all aspects of the RV-ing lifestyle. From Tent Trailers to Park Models and everything in between.

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